Blood Banana Case Study

Topics: Colombia, Terrorism, Government of Colombia Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: April 1, 2011
they will find another job or another way of earning their living, the cycle of life doesn’t stop when you become unemployed ! and if you asked them would they prefer losing their jobs temporary or losing their lives forever? Am pretty sure they won’t chose the second alternative. The company already thought about its worker’s lives as their primary concern and didn’t take the second choice, so the least thing is to think about their existence and to do what’s in their best interest. Last but not least, the fruit company if decided to leave will encounter huge costs of abandon their current business and starting all over again in another place, but paying one time huge cost is more effective than paying annually amount of money to the AUC for God knows when ! plus they will have their current profits and they can sell their company in Colombia and gain extra money that will enable them to start again somewhere else. they are a well-developed corporation, if they did a good strategy with a well written plan they will manage to start up over and maybe even better ! In conclusion, Chiquita was in a bad situation, and as a normal corporation whose aim is to make profits they need to consider what’s in their best interest and that is to execute the country. Costs will occur no matter what option they choose, but some were less harmful and less costly than others, it’s like what they say” the best of the worst” all the alternatives were bad but abandon the country is the best between them.

Blood banana

Chiquita Inc. was one of the largest and growing fruit company in America who faced a dramatic problem in the 90’s with the AUC, a Colombian paramilitary organization that promoted violence act and considered to be terrorist, what happened was they inquired the fruit company to pay them specific amount of money monthly that was required for their security services as they claimed! The situation was straightforward, either Chiquita pays for the terrorist...
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