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Fair and Lovely

Human skin color ranges in variety, from the darkest brown to the lightest pinkish-white.

Recently, I saw a video about skin color in India. I was surprised and devastated . Their skin color affects their status in society there. They can be denied education, jobs etc. A fair skin person is considered attractive regardless that the person have a healthy figure.

My shocking discovery was that many Indian people, mostly women are so obsessed with fair skin. They will go to the ends of the Earth to lighter there skin. They believe darker skin complexion is ugly and the lighter guarantees more opportunities in life. For example if you are fair skin there are bigger changes to get married , get better job and better opportunities in life.isssues that dark skin girls face are different for each girl. One girl was told that she is a dark skin and just because of that she will not will be wealthy and rich in her life. That her dark skin complexion will not bring her a husband. How was she feeling about that? She didn’t get too upset because she knew that she will find someone that will like her for who she is. After being rejected couple times finally she found her husband with who now she has family. But not only now, Indian people are having this issue long time ago. Elder people are telling how some of them had been rejected and some of the weddings also been canceled. The girls had been called ugly. One girls said that she was feeling angry but on the end of the day she knows that not only the outside look what is important is inside too, it’s the persons heart.

One of the way they are trying to get fair skin is by using fair skin cream. The fairness creams marketing strategies, which show that a girl can't get married unless she is fair, change the mindset of individuals. The visual media has changed its strategy so much that even fair skin people also use fairness products .

They use different types of cream. One of them is the power...
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