Blonde Stereotypes Research Paper
Topics: Stereotype, Stereotypes, Prejudice, Sociology, Race, Mass media / Pages: 4 (896 words) / Published: Feb 22nd, 2016

The pigmentation of an individual's hair does not have any connection with his/her intelligence. Stereotypes are widely believed mental pictures of a group of people. The truth can also be exaggerated. Stereotypes are made up because of people not knowing someone else. Misconceptions are views that are incorrect based on faulty understanding which are formed from stereotypes. Misconceptions are misunderstandings of someone or a group. Stereotypes exist because of the media. People like to categorize the world into little groups because it satisfies the need to understand the social world. Misconceptions exist because of false information people give. People tend to think of things as the truth, but really it is not real. Individuals tend to discriminate blondes because of stereotypes and misconceptions. Blondes should not be categorized based on hair color because they are like everyone else.
Stereotypes and misconceptions are used everywhere and
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There are a lot of blonde jokes saying blondes are dumb or airheads. Some also say that blondes like to be the center of attention. Some people say that others dye their hair blonde to look younger. Blonde hair can look whiter in the sun or darker in the shade. Blondes are actually regular people with a different hair color. Some hair colors can be: platinum, caramel, honey, strawberry, etc. Blondes are girls that can be interested in education rather than looks. Blondes are doctors or people that work in a good profession. Blondes make as many mistakes as a brunette or a redhead. They are the same as everyone else and can be smart as everyone else. A blonde can either be a boy or a girl. A blonde can be tall or short. A blonde can be smart or have a common sense. A blonde can be someone that is very intelligent. A blonde should be respected of his/her opinion. Just because people say blondes are dumb does not mean he/she is not

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