Topics: Marketing, Economics terminology / Pages: 4 (767 words) / Published: Jun 28th, 2013
These are the three key concepts of marketing, and they are differentiated as follows. Needs are the basic human requirements; people need food, air, water, clothing, and shelter to survive and also have strong needs for creation (through sexual intercourse), education, and entertainment. These needs become wants when they are directed to specific objects that might satisfy the need, though these wants in themselves are not essential for living. Someone will need food but may want a hamburger, fries and a soft drink, but someone else will also need food in just the same manner but will also want a mango, rice, lentils and beans. Wants are therefore shaped by one's society and surroundings. The third concept, demands, are wants for specific products backed by an ability to pay. Many people want a luxury car or a weekend break in the Caribbean, but only a few people are willing and able to buy one. In business terms, companies must measure not only how many people want their product but also how many would actually be willing and able to buy it. In marketing there are five kinds of needs: Stated, real, unstated, delight and secret. Marketers have played on the secret needs in recent years as this is the sort which makes the customer be seen as savvy and a great consumer, and have adopted all sorts of tricks to skew demand, since there has been more disposable income in the modern age and shopping has become a prime leisure activity. In some ways there is a chain here; more education means more awareness of the wants and more money to spend on a demand, so in a good and just society there is a large number of people who push for the demand of a certain product, and this has given rise to very successful companies who must make brand awareness and corporate social responsibility key facets of their engagement with the public, otherwise known as ‘the customer’.

Stated real - Stated need are the viv requirements of the customers (e.g.,Want a burger).

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