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The standards for bloggers versus professional journalists should be the same if the blog is claiming to be journalistic but most blogs are not. Blogs are used to communicate with others on a personal level--a conversation of the writer to the reader. Journalists write to be printed with editors cutting and changing their words to capture a conveyed meaning and an opinion. The blogger has complete control over what they are saying “the freedom from foreign gatekeepers” (Levinson, p. 84) this freedom allows the blogger to say whatever they want as opposed to the journalists editorial controlled writing. Both journalist and bloggers can earn money on what they write, so are they the same? No, a professional journalist is paid to write for someone and then all work is edited by someone else. A blogger being paid as an advocate of a product is nothing more than a paid spokesman. The question needing asked and answered is does advertising in traditional media compromise journalistic integrity? Levinson points out “that there is no cause and effect between advertising and faulty reporting” (p. 97) but he goes on to point out stories that have been killed because advertisers objected. Reference:

Levinson, P. (2012) New Media. Second Edition. Penguin Academics. 3. Should bloggers blog anonymously?
When I first thought about the question of anonymous bloggers, I thought why would it matter they’re only bloggers. Then I began to break the question down and I realize that it does matter depending on what the blogger is trying to communicate. A food blogger telling about the best restaurant or recipe for chicken writing anonymously doesn’t bother me. A blogger writing about health issues anonymously would. I want to think the person writing about health issues is a doctor or nurse—someone that possesses credentials making the blog more than just mere words on the internet. I do agree with Levinson “the great advantage of anonymous blogging, of course,...
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