Blogger in the Midst

Topics: Blog, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 4 (1163 words) Published: October 17, 2006
A Blogger in Their Midst


Glove Girl, who's an assistant foreman at a surgical glove manufacturing plant, blogs about the company's products on her personal blog with inside information. However, she blogs without permission and without following the company rules.She achieves more audience than the official marketing campaigns and upstages the company's CEO at a major trade show. When she says something positive about a line of gloves, sales increase. When she blogs she questions about the company's ethics of doing business with a clinic with a poor record, the deal is in danger.

SWOT Analysis

Today Glove Girl is the company's biggest strength. She has turned into Lancaster-Webb's most cost-effective marketer. In much less time and with fewer resources, she does what the marketing department could not even after spending big chunks of the corporate budget. She gets customers to listen and believe. Something which has resulted in Blogging, as the Glove Girl has illustrated, is a new avenue for marketing and is something that the company has capitalized upon. The company has a very good public image.

There are management and internal communications problems at Lancaster-Webb, as the management is not sharing information amongst them. There is too much reliance on Glove girl as a tool to market the company. The Marketing team is not updated with the latest technologies which can be used for proper marketing of their products.

Glove girl can be used as a spokesperson of the company as she has an excellent public image. Blogging as a new avenue for marketing has lots of potential and it should be tapped. The marketing department can always look for newer modes of marketing like SMS, e-mails etc and should try to be ahead of their competition.

Apart from being the Organization's strength, Glove girl is also a threat – she can create a lot of HAVOC with the highly classified information...
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