Blockbuster Database Information

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The Company
Blockbuster, Inc. is a company that is a leader in video, disk rental. The company has about 27 percent of the U.S. market share; it operates about 6,500 video stores, providing service to more than 87 million customers in the U.S. alone, and 25 other nations. The company maintains a database of over 43 million households with Blockbuster memberships all used to help customers select movies. Blockbuster origins date back to 1985, when the first Blockbuster store was open in Dallas. Currently Blockbuster is a world-class company operating with thousands of locations and billions of dollars in revenue. Throughout this paper, the database management of Blockbuster will be explained – from customer database, to marketing database.

Blockbuster Database Management
Blockbuster database system was specially developed for the company. Due to the fact of Blockbuster customer’s data growth collected at each location, Blockbuster implemented database segmentation that reflects customer habits. The company keeps up with more than 25 databases crosswise Blockbuster. The database system that Blockbuster uses can calculate fees for late returns, determine which products have already rented, create graphs on the most popular rented movie, gather customer movie preferences by location, age, sex and so on. The system can print letters for customer fines. With that system Blockbuster can order the most popular videos that have been rented and with that the stock would be customized. On Blockbuster website you can find an example of how their database system works, you can see the most rented movies, the movies you have rented and the movies you clicked for information. Blockbuster uses its database to send customers e-mails about promotions, order pick up, order delay and special newsletters to customers. The database used is also linked with the cash register so when there is a sale data doesn’t have to be inputted in the system twice. For example when you return...
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