Blockade Running Activities

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Blockade Running Activities
Things done by Bahamians and Southerners as part of Blockade running activities.

At the time of the American Civil War, The Bahamas was involved in a few activities. One such activity that the Bahamas took part in was Blockade Running. Besides cotton, other articles in Nassau awaiting shipment were Confederate uniforms, ammunition, guns, medicines, salt and various luxuries. These items were to be run through the blockade into the Confederacy. The blockade runners were such a big business. Companies were created to operate runners. The first blockade company was John Fraser Company of South Carolina. This company, with their connections in the Confederate Government, brought in mostly war materials which were then sold quickly to the Confederacy at a handsome price. This was not the only blockade running company however. The Importing and Exporting Company of South Carolina (known as Bee Company) was also a highly regarded company at the time. There were also benefits to buying shares of these blockade running companies. Stocks were reported to have dividends of five thousand dollars per share for the Bee Company from the newspapers of the time. Other companies such as the Anglo-Confederate Company also paid dividends in the thousands. Additional pounds sterling at times were also paid to stock holders. The companies as well as making profit kept a keen eye on what was being shipped and what was profitable at the time. The one thing that was on any blockade running ship leaving the confederacy was cotton. With the federal blockade, the shipment of cotton was down and its demand high so the price soared. The South had only one major export which was cotton. From Wilmington, North Carolina alone after March 1864 the amount of cotton was roughly 27,299 bales shipped which is over one million pounds worth, over five million U.S. Dollars and over one...
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