Bling H2O Water Marketing Mix

Topics: Bottled water, Target market, Drinking water Pages: 3 (776 words) Published: May 1, 2011
In most conuntries,the bottled water is sold at a very low price; Bling H2O is the most expensive bottled water being sold in the world and is designed as a bottle of water for the rich.Bling H2O has begun entering the australian market affecting australia and the people live here. Bling H2O is targeting teenage australians .That because the teanages influenced by american idolism from media that is exposed in magazines,TV,newspapers,internet to advertisement boards.Those people do not have to be highly educated or have high income jobs as this young aged target market will purchase Bling H2O however, the gender of the target market does slightly tend to aim at females more than the male consumer due to more female stars tend to drink Bling H2O more than male stars. Areas or places where there is potential to sell Bling H20 would be in the suburban capital cities of each state and most sold in drinking bars as females would most likely purchase Bling H2O instead of alcohol. Bottled water in Australia is consumed mainly for four different reasons. Firstly, 95% of the human body is made up of water and has to be maintained no matter the reason. Secondly, some people wish to avoid certain chemicals used in the treatment of public water supplies therefore turning to the chemical free alternative. Thirdly, bottled waters are convenient to carry hence making it suitable for travelling and leisure activities. Fourthly, one of the main reason for people buying bottled waters is because of the taste, with the variation in tastes of the different local water supplies across the county, more people prefer the consistent refreshing taste of bottled water.

The bottled water industry is comprehensively regulated as a packaged food product by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ),there are about 50 different types of Australian domestically bottled water available today, the most common ones are indicated below:

Most of us have heard about Bling H2O water by...
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