Blindside Speech

Topics: American football, Blitz, English-language films Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Intro: its 4th and 5 score zero to zero, and I’m on defense. Coaches are giving signals and linebackers are calling the play. They called the play where I get to blitz the quarterback. “Poor kid’s is going to have to take ibuprofen after I knocked him out of his cleats” I thought before the snap. And that’s what I did. Lowered my helmet then I made him take a rest if you know what I mean, and I heard it wasn’t pretty. (At least for him anyways) but it ended up being the other team winning 8-0. So I was kind of disappointed that we lost, but the hit made up for it. Thesis: After watching the Blindside I was inspired by Michael’s attitude, determination, and effort that he put into his academics and athletics. My dream is going to Oklahoma State University to play football, then getting drafted by an NFL team. By achieving my dream, it will be saying that even with a little talent, hard work, and effort, anybody can achieve their goal. Main Point: Michael had big dreams and aspirations, but it took him some really hard work to achieve those things that he really wanted in life. So I will achieve my dreams by having put more effort into everything I do to get where I want to be. Evidence:  For example, this semester and next semester, I’m setting goals for myself to turn in my work, not get zero’s, and come to class on time or the rest of the year with the help of my little calendar to help me organize my homework, projects, and after-school activities. I’m also taking my athletics very seriously so that I can improve on my speed, agility, and alertness so that I can excel to the next level. Elaboration/Analysis: By completing all homework, I will have a higher G.P.A. and more opportunities to gain scholarships. Stepping up my efforts will teach me how to be humble in serving others before myself. I will feel special and impactful because I have always wanted to be the role-model who helps out in the community. If I make it all the way to the NFL, then it will...
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