Topics: Blindness, Visual impairment, Braille Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Brie Mays
Mrs. NeSmith
English 101
26 September 2013

Debunking the Blind Handicap Stereotype
According to “It is estimated that at least 7 million people go blind every year.” Most people consider blind people to be helpless and hopeless. The blind often possess special gifts, powers, talents, and the ability to be very smart. Blind people are often described as mentally challenged, but not all blind people are mentally challenged. The majority of blind people speaks and functions normally. Blind people experience most of the activities that we sighted people experience and blind people have a variety of activities that they can undergo that we may not ( Granted, blind people have a very unique way of learning.

The way that blind people learn is quite un-similar to the way we sighted people learn. According to, "Expect the blind child to learn the same things as any other child, but realize that he or she may need to be taught differently. Raising a blind child is like raising any other child, they both a frightening challenge and a profound blessing. As the little child they learn many things such as speech, attitudes, body positions, manners, and how to feed themselves. Some teachers consider blind children to have poor manners because he or she cannot see what others do, but some blind children actually learn a lot faster than we sighted people do. Blind children often have great gaps in their understanding, such as being unsure about certain figures. “As the child approaches school age, the matter of social acceptability becomes important in regard of his or her ways of learning” ( There is a special form of written language termed as “Braille.” This language is characters that are represented by patterns of dots that are felt with the fingertips. Braille is an extremely useful language for the visually impaired and it is used all over the world. Most people would think that the blind...

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