Blessed with a Gift to Share

Topics: God, Monotheism, Conceptions of God, Gift, Mind, Giving / Pages: 2 (434 words) / Published: Sep 6th, 2011
Have you ever wondered our purpose living here? Have you ever thought of why you were born? Each of us is brought here for a purpose, but the question is, what is that purpose? A discovery, we will soon find out as we journey along our life. Each of us is created in a special way. Each of us has unique talents, gifts and abilities made especially for us. God has given us these gifts and talents that will best enable us to serve His kingdom and become the person He knows we can be. We have our own special way to show and express our talents. Why don’t we try to give back and express these talents to our God who gave it to us in the first place? My friends, these talents would not be given to us for no reason. These are to be used for God’s glory. I would like to share a short realization. When I was in elementary, I hated participating in school activities and programs because I didn’t believe that I have a talent to share. I did not think that I was given a special gift, a special talent blessed within me. Then, after a year, I accepted a personal relationship with God, He started opening my eyes to see the gifts and talents that I didn’t realize I already have. Because of these gifts and talents, I discovered my purpose in life. And that is, to serve God with the talents and gifts. Praise God, I am now serving in our campus ministry and actively participating in religious organizations and activities. I am sharing my gift of speech through serving in the mass as lector or prayer leader, I am sharing the gift of healing to lift spirits and heal minds and hearts of the emotionally troubled, and I am sharing my talent in dancing through animating praise songs to encourage people in worship activities. Thank God I am blessed to share and use my talents to love, to live and to let people see, especially in moments of giving glory to God. My friends, I encourage you, to discover and offer your talents to the Lord. The Lord wants you to show the talents He has given

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