Blessed Farm Partnership

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Blessed Farm Partnership

Internal stakeholders:
a. Management, i.e. Mr. Brighton & Mr. Stayton the partners of the farm want to take the advent of EC grants, at the same time, make their capital increased. b. Staff, good wages as well as the benefit, good working conditions. Connected stakeholders:

a. Customers, i.e. the slaughter get satisfied pigs with a reasonable price. b. Suppliers, get the price premium
c. Local farms, blessed farm becomes the biggest competitor of them, which will lead to a low price and small market share for the local farms, thus ,getting a lower benefit. External stakeholders:

a. The local residents, be anxious that the smell from the farm would affect the environment, as well as the pig waste, the transport, and this may do harm to the children’s safety. To the historically important house , the owners worry about the decreasing tourists.

The strengths and weaknesses of each proposal
proposal| strengths| weaknesses|
Proposal1| a. Advantage to breed the disease-free pigsb. The demand is highc. Possibility of a new market to Canada | a. great experience and work Is neededb. the cost of artificial rearing is highc. special breeding unit need to be builtd. extra employee and the new building | Proposal2| 下游产业链结合的优势:| a. The big investment is needed to build the plant and expand the herd b. There is risk to enter a new market | Proposal3| Improve effectivenessReduce the medical cost| a. Increase the expenditure b. New building for the sows and more land c. Easy to get disease d. More people and more cost e. Need to Purchase the breeding stock| Proposal4| Familiar with the old market Little labour| a. The market of fatteners is volatile b. The German pig producer compete the market with them|
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