Bless Me Ultima

Topics: Evil, Family, Good and evil Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: November 24, 2005
In the book Bless me Ultima, there are a lot of connections to the two poems "The Tiger" and "The Lamb". In "The Tiger" the tiger is this fierce scary and sinful creature. The tiger brings sin to people's life. The tiger represents all the sin that is brought to Antonio's life. The sin being when Lupito is shot, and when he learns about the golden carp, and when he is used in the exorcism of his Uncle Lucas. In the poem "The Lamb" the lamb is referred to as being innocent and sin free. The lamb is like Antonio at the beginning of the story. At first Antonio I s free of sin and worries and he is like the lamb. They use the lamb in the poem because a lot of people refer the lamb to the biblical figure Jesus. Jesus was supposably sin free and just like a lamb. There are many connections in Bless Me Ultima to "The Tiger" and "The Lamb".

Ian Karcher
English II period 6
Essay 2
Imagery in Bless Me Ultima
In the novel Bless Me Ultima, there is a lot of imagery to help paint a visual of what is going on. When Antonio and his family go to El Puerto, the imagery really gives a good picture. El Puerto is described as a beautiful place by saying how fresh the air is and how bright the sun was. It gives a good feeling to the place. Not all visuals are good though. After the exorcism of Uncle Lucas, he spits up something horrid. The image described is that he spit out green bile followed by a hairball that wiggles like a snake. That is enough to make a person vomit. After Ultima's death Antonio stood out side and observed his surroundings. He mentions the moonlight glittering on the pebbles across the llano and the millions of stars sparkling over head. This image sets a sad but not depressing mood. Ultima died on a beautiful night. The imagery in Bless Me Ultima Really helps paint a good picture for the story.

Ian Karcher
English II period 6
Essay 3
In Bless Me Ultima, there are many conflict between good and evil and even...
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