Blendtec- Existing Social Media Strategy and Suggestions

Topics: Twitter, Will It Blend?, Viral marketing Pages: 4 (1369 words) Published: January 23, 2013
About Blendtec
Blendtec is an Orem; Utah based company, founded by Tom Dickson, selling commercial and domestic blenders. Initially responsible for revolutionizing the home grain mill Tom Dickson entered the blender/food processor market in 1987. He later adapted the blender to be used commercially on the onset of the smoothie revolution in 1995. Blendtec claims to provide the best-blended taste, ease of use and uniformity in each blend. It has a very niche market because of its price (starting at $400), which is exorbitant compared to blenders available in the $100 range providing the same value proposition to most households. Blendtecs’ Social Media breakthrough

Blendtec went unnoticed in social media, until it began its ‘Will it Blend’ series of you tube videos, which has over 172 million views and has helped the company increase its sales by over 700%. Also giving it more then 50,000 USD monthly revenue on you tube ads because of the revenue sharing policy by Goggle. These videos have helped in creating an awareness and excitement about the blenders, which is the initiation of the purchase process. They have efficiently optimized YouTube tags, carefully back linked each video to its website and encouraged viewers to comment, participate and give feed back. The videos have also helped generate a lot of Word of Mouth publicity. They are really famous particularly amongst the youth who, according to consumer behavior researches, are becoming more of an integral part in the household buying decision-making process. Apart from the ‘Will it Blend series’ Blendtec also has a recipes channel which has a much lower viewership compared to the prior but are equally well back linked and display ads.

Blendtec on Facebook
Blendtec has more then 100 thousand likes on Facebook and 2000 people talking about it a not taking into account the additional 36,000 likes on its Will it Blend page. It has a well-planned page wherein photos, job opportunities, YouTube videos,...
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