Blend of Temperaments

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Blend of Temperaments
There are blend descriptions all over the Internet. All such blend descriptions are observations from people with many years of experience using the Four Temperaments. The following are blend descriptions taken from Such observations are expansive, but not conclusive. Be free to develop your own observations, over time.

1. Sanguine Choleric
The Sanguine Choleric is a study in contrasts. The most extroverted of the extroverts; the Sanguine Choleric combines a love of social interaction with a goal oriented approach. This blend makes an excellent sales person – they are not afraid of talking with people, but they always remember that they are trying to sell something. Their charm combined with their outcome focus gives them a great deal of drive. But using the metaphor of a salesperson, this individual will be the one accomplishing great sales goals but never file their expense reports or sales forecasts. Do not expect the Sanguine Choleric to cross t heir “T‟s” and dot their “I‟s”; they are too busy accomplishing great things. The weakness of the Choleric – a lack of sensitivity to others and a tendency to hold a grudge – combined with the brief, sharp emotional outbursts of the Sanguine, make this bl end a formidable emotional adversary. A Sanguine Choleric made angry will probably tend to hold that against you for quite a while; even though they may seem fine on the outside. And their initial “shot” of anger may leave you reeling and wondering what you did to deserve it.

2. The Sanguine Phlegmatic
The Sanguine Phlegmatic is friendly and calm at the same time. Not as outgoing as most Sanguines, the Sanguine Phlegmatic is the person voted „most friendly‟ in yearbooks. They like to be around people and don‟t have the need to be the „life of the party‟, as some Sanguines do. This blend makes a great and empathic listener; they generate an immedi ate trust that people will open up to. Unfortunately, the lack of organization of the Sanguine coupled with the tendency towards laziness in the Phlegmatic can combine into an awesome “I don‟t care” attitude concerning work organization, home cleanliness, and the inability to follow through with important promises. This blend may not have balanced their checkbook for months (years?) and may often have to react quickly to late notices.


Wax Lyrical Academy of English Articulacy

3. The Sanguine Melancholy
The Sanguine Melancholy type is a person whose moods can fluctuate from highs to lows and back again quickly. The Sanguine outgoing nature often allows the Melancholy‟s critical nature “out” too easily. It is very easy for a Sanguine Melancholy to “get down” on themselves and, if they are to real ize their potential, it is best if they work with others.

The warmth of the Sanguine makes this person very sociable and the focus on detail of the Melancholy makes them excellent organizers. They remember every birthday and anniversary and have a strong inclination to attend each and every one of these special events. The critical nature of the Melancholy combined with the verbal nature of the Sanguine means that this person will have no qualms about telling you exactly what they think about you or anyo ne else. There is an interesting conflict in this blend – the weakness of the Sanguine is disorganization and the strength of the Melancholy is organization. This means that the Sanguine Melancholy will always feel that they should be cleaning or organizing but the Sanguine won‟t follow through. Another weakness of the Sanguine is quick flashes of emotion – combine this with the critical nature of the Melancholy and you can get a “hot flash” of angry criticism with very little warning. This temperament blend is the most likely to remember every negative detail of a situation for the longest time. The Sanguine Melancholy most needs to cultivate an attitude of gentleness and kindness to...
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