Blasting Colors, Bright Tunes

Topics: Love, Happiness, Music videos directed by Matthew Rolston Pages: 2 (881 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Whenever she took the cello she felt alive again. The funny thing is that she felt the same thing about the cello too. At first, she would sit there silently, holding his neck whiles he was resting on his metal spike, and then the warmth would began to circle. She was never sure if the warmth comes from her or the cello but it was not that important. She knows that they started to melt into one another and some amazing sounds will soon flow through the air. The girl was sure if she had a bad day, the cello would give her some strange kind of energy, which felt amazing, like a rainbow, and she could go on with her day fully recharged and calm. That charming instrument, which she considered to be her best friend and her angel, gave her so much over the years; love, comfort, shelter, warmth, happiness and joy. Its smooth and low-pitched tone would always take her to far, far lands, where she could lay on fluffy clouds and dream while listening to his mellow music. It was a long, bumpy road before her friend started to give her all that. At the be-ginning he was just a cold, black, shiny piece of wood, sitting quietly in his little box. When she would take it, back then, the cello would feel bone-chilling cold that her fin-gers would hurt. She would leave it in the corner of her room and would visit from time to time but the tones coming from it weren’t that pleasing at all, and sometimes it would sound like it was screaming at her. She could not stand the frosty feel of lifeless four feet body and the pain was getting worse in her fingers and her ears too, every time she tried to play it, so she would visit it less and less often. One day, while thunder was rolling and the rain kept washing windows for the third day, she thought she heard a few pleasant tones scrambled together. Warm fuzzies overcame her body and she tried to make him to do it again. He said it again, and again and again. She was ecstatic. Today she knows that that was the day when her faithful...
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