Blank Slate Theory

Topics: Education, Developmental psychology, Sociology Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: May 5, 2012
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The term blank slate theory refers to when a child is born the thoughts are formed first through exposure to different sensations followed by reflection on the experience. Such as gathering small information like colors and shapes and turning that into larger pictures like cause and effect. Accentually it state that children are shaped by gathering their own information by what they have gathered. Culture imprinted upon children in many ways. One for example is development; there are important times they learn about love, and basic rules about how to socialize with other human beings. If these traits aren't imprinted upon the child during that period, it can be hard or even impossible for them to learn them later in life. The cultural lifestyle of the parents or other close relatives also can be imprinted. This has been shown in racism, throughout the years. I believe gender learned by children’s parents teaching them. Yes sex is determined before birth, but babies don’t know the difference. Parents give their children certain toys depending on their gender. My daughter’s room is a sea of pink with dolls and other things for little girls. Even though right now at the age of 6 months she doesn’t know the difference from a car and a doll but soon she will. Same with the “boys bathroom” and the “girls bathroom” it’s a part of society we have all been taught. The perspective (functionalist, conflict, or interaction) that can be used to explain socialization I believe would be interaction. Even though I believe it is a mixture of all of the above, if I had to choose one to explain it would be interaction. I base this upon everything we learn growing up is based upon symbols or face to face interaction. It has a big effect in socialization because us as human beings learn how to react to certain situations based on what we have gathered from previous face to face interactions.
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