Blanche Devereaux: Character Analysis

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Psychology Pages: 7 (2923 words) Published: October 5, 2010

This paper will be an analysis of the personality of Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux from the show titled “The Golden Girls.” In this paper Blanche will be analyzed from two points of view. The first analysis will be from the view of psychodynamics using Freud’s ideas on personality. For this analysis I will begin with the structure of Blanche’s personality in regards to the Id, which is the aspect of personality that deals with the instincts, the Ego, which is the rational aspect of the personality, and the Superego, which is the moral aspect of personality. The second analysis will be from the perspective of Abraham Maslow; I will use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and his assumptions about people’s human nature in the process of the analysis. Blanche’s Superego seems to be under-developed and her Id seems to be over-developed. The superego deals with urges and pleasures and those are the building blocks of Blanche. In Blanche’s younger days she never dated men in her own age group and says that she’s been dating seniors since she was twelve years old. She was married to a man named George and ever since his death she’s been sleeping with different men almost on a daily basis. She lives with her friends Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia (Dorothy’s mom) in a home in Miami Beach, Florida. Her friends try to make her a better person and make her understand that she doesn’t need bundles of men in her life but she doesn’t listen. She tells them that she loved her husband so much and that she misses the love she got from him. In order for her to feel complete she needs the love from the other men because it reminds her of her husband. Blanche does a lot of wish fulfillment, she creates images of herself with these men having sex and then living good lives but then she thinks about her husband and feels like she wouldn’t be loyal to him. Blanche uses this wish fulfillment as a way to get rid of the pain of losing her husband and also to release the tension she has. When it comes to Blanche’s Ego she has one but it seems to be very weak. She can’t compromise very well; it’s always either her way or no way at all. Even though her friends often call her names it’s all in good fun and they are usually the ones who have to step up and act as her Ego. Blanche is very irrational and in situations where her Ego is needed she often finds herself in trouble. When she’s with men at restaurants, instead of her Ego stepping in and making her aware that she’s in a pubic place and that some things just aren’t appropriate; she’ll hop on a man’s lap or even grab his genitals. Blanches’ Superego does step up sometimes because in some situations she thinks about morals, her husband, and how much she adored him. She often thinks back to the times when they were married happily and she was faithful to him. In one show her Ego Ideal stepped in as she imagined how she’d be awarded in the end if she stopped sleeping with all those men. She had a dream where she died and met her husband in heaven and he was pleased with her because she made the decision to stop sleeping with men. Then her conscience stepped in and showed how things would be if she continued to sleep with the men. She was in heaven and her husband acted as if he never knew her. It seems as if Blanche is motivated by her wish that she’d once again be loved by a man and that she could be faithful again. The object that she feels will make her happy is sex. The object she uses to get sex is men. Blanche seems to be living on life instincts because even in cases where she’s aware that men are married she still sleeps with them. It’s risk-taking but she doesn’t seem to care, this is done unconsciously and her life is dominated by life instincts because she wants to ensure her survival by satisfying her need for sex. Her need for sex seems to outweigh what her punishments would be if she were to get caught with another woman’s...
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