Blame Mexico Essay

Topics: United States, Mexican American, Immigration to the United States Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: May 6, 2013
“Why Blame Mexico?”
Fred Reed’s article about immigrant controversy has caused great impact for a long time over the years in the United States. Mr. Reed explains that all the problems that Americans blame the Hispanic or Mexican people are just a matter of finding all the benefits that being on this side of the border can offer them.

The author utilizes the metaphor and a little of sarcasm when he said: it’s like putting out a salt lick and then complaining when deer come, immigrant parents would be irresponsible not to cross and its true if they see the crossing to the united states would benefit their children’s and they would get good jobs, who wouldn’t come over? United states provide so many opportunities for families to better themselves that they not have in Mexico it’s no wonder why there are some many illegal immigrants today. Reed’s write “from a land scalper, a construction firm, a junkyard owner, a group of pant nurseryman. We need Mexicans”. Some people blame immigrants for lack of jobs in the United States, when in reality those immigrants do all the dirty job Americans wouldn’t like to do. A lot of businesses as Reed mention are daily searching for workers and the only ones they find are immigrants or Mexicans. If Americans were so willing to look for jobs then they would have found one.

But Americans really want to continue their daily lives without Mexicans as their workforce? If you carefully think this would be a drastic change to American life, because Mexicans working in U.S. companies are paid less than an American; that is why employers prefer to hire Mexicans, they work harder and get paid less, and actually they show up for work and give full effort and throw all they might in what they are doing, and an American person are less careful with their work and absence every so and so. Most of the companies are full of Americans and if one day the government decides to get them out of the country many of those companies would run out...
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