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Mitt Romney on Energy & Oil

Former Republican Governor (MA); presidential nominee-apparent | |

North American energy independence in 8 years

With regards to our relationship with Mexico: Our economies can thrive together. The oil resources that Mexico has, that's one of the reasons that Romney knows that we can be able to achieve North American energy independence in eight years. We're going to work together with Mexico, if they're willing, to help share technology, and ultimately, investment, if they would like, to take advantage of those resources they have.


No consensus on extent of global warming or human activity

Q: What is your position on cap-and-trade, carbon taxes, and other policies proposed to address global climate change--and what steps can we take to improve our ability to tackle challenges like climate change that cross national boundaries?

Romney replied: He isn’t a scientist himself, but his best assessment of the data is that the world is getting warmer, which human activity contributes to that warming, and that policymakers should therefore consider the risk of negative consequences. However, there remains a lack of scientific consensus on the issue--on the extent of the warming, the extent of the human contribution, and the severity of the risk--and he believes we must support continued debate and investigation within the scientific community. Ultimately, the science is an input to the public policy decision; it does not dictate a particular policy response.


$90B on green energy is better spent on private research

Romney is a strong supporter of federally funded research. The answer to spending constraints is not to cut back on crucial investments in America's future, but rather to spend money more wisely. Pres. Obama spent $90 billion in stimulus dollars in a failed attempt to promote his green energy agenda. That same spending could have funded the nation's energy research programs for nearly twenty years. Good public policy must also ensure that federal research is being amplified in the private sector, and that major breakthroughs are able to make the leap from the laboratory to the marketplace. Unfortunately, Pres. Obama has pursued policies across a range of fields that will have the opposite effect.


With Canada & Mexico,2020 North American energy independence

Q: What policies would you support to meet the demand for energy while ensuring an economically and environmentally sustainable future?

Romney replied: A crucial component of my plan for a stronger middle class is to dramatically increase domestic energy production and partner closely with Canada and Mexico to achieve North American energy independence by 2020. While President Obama has described his own energy policy as a "hodgepodge," sent billions of taxpayer dollars to green energy projects run by political cronies, rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline as not in "the national interest," and sought repeatedly to stall development of America's domestic resources, my path forward would establish America as an energy superpower in the 21st century.


Use all energy sources, without stifling energy production

Whereas President Obama has used environmental regulation as an excuse to block the development of resources and the construction of infrastructure, I will pursue a course that designs regulation not to stifle energy production but instead to facilitate responsible use of all energy sources--from oil and coal and natural gas, to nuclear and hydropower and biofuels, to wind and solar. Energy development, economic growth, and environmental protection can go hand-in-hand if the government focuses on transparency and fairness instead of seeking to pick winners and repay political favors.


Feds take 307 days to permit oil drilling; states take 10

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