Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Question, Colonialism Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: October 29, 2013

When asking the question, “were the first colonists in the Chesapeake region ignorant, lazy, and unambitious,” I would have to answer yes. The Colonists showed multiple signs of ignorance, laziness, and no ambition throughout their time in the region. First, they began fighting with the natives since they arrive. Secondly, they began to starve and become susceptible to disease. And lastly, they did not have or accept any of the help they were given. With this combination of events, there is no way that anyone can actually believe the first colonists had ambition or that they were determined to succeed in developing this colony.

There was trouble since the first day the colonists arrive. A fight with the Native Americans ensues on their first day in the New World. A week after they have arrived and settled down within their colony, the colonists still had not unpacked the weapons they had brought with them. Therefore when the natives attacked them again, the colonists were unprepared since they were too lazy to unpack their weapons. The Indians continue to attack the colonists, and it takes the colonists a while to start retaliating. If the colonists wanted to pursue a colony that could coexist with the native tribes, they would have been more ambitious and less ignorant, and would have decided on a plan for the two groups when they first arrived.

The first colonists began to starve and became susceptible to diseases. They had received corn from the Indians and had supplies from England yet they were still starving. Their failure to grow food was the result of their ignorance in not learning how to plant and harvest the corn. Even when they did plant their crops, they did not plan ahead. Consequently not having enough food for the winter. During the winter, the population dropped from 600 colonists to 60 colonists from the lack of food and disease. Most of the people who lived through the winter, had to resort to cannibalism to remain alive. They ate...
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