Blade Runner Themes

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Blade Runner


Question of humanity continually appears throughout the film. What it takes to be human. Humans in the film are human but is it humanity, to have compassion spirit and emotion. Live in the darkness and day to day; the ones who never left to the off-world. Replicants started to achieve humanity where they begin to feel emotion and have morality about them (Roy saving Deckard’s life on the rooftop) Humans have lost what it means to be a good member of the human race, by addressing the question of humanity. Contrast between human and replicant, of what a human is to be and what a replicant is to be. Replicants go on the quest for ‘more life’; wanting to live longer. Roy’s spiritual side is shown, where humans have lost all sense of spirituality and religion. Roy’s humanity shows with him saving Deckard’s life and with the release of the dove and the blue skies above. Roy shows despair upon the death of Zhora and Leon, and a lot with the death of Pris. Roy feels betrayed when Tyrell refuses to give him extra life, even though he developed the ways to do it. Capable of redemption– with the biblical allusion throughout. Did Roy actually redeem himself?

“More human than human”, where the Tyrell Corporation lives by the motto by seeking to achieve replicants that are seen as more of the ideal humans than the current ones. Replicants are more superior, in strength and agility, but also morally– even though not treated equally. Replicants had a purpose, which was one of slavery.

Tyrell- a clear contrast to Roy. He lacks emotion, compassion and remorse. He cannot empathise with their plight. Can only ‘see’ their commercial value. Blind to their experience. The corporate world left behind the primitive earth behind, where only perfect humans are able to leave. Shelley proposes that humanity is fading from beneath our grip and there is still time – whereas Scott proposes that what has happened has happened and can’t be changed.

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