Blade Runner

Topics: Aesthetics, Universe, Nature Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Shelly and Scott reflect, nature and the natural world in the texts they create, Frankenstein and Blade Runner using literary devices and societal context. In Blade Runner, Scott uses the aspects of the 20th century tradition of dystopias and film noir as literary devices. Throughout Shelly's work of Frankenstein, the romantic and sublime themes of the era are examined as literary devices. The appreciation for the natural wonder of the world is evident throughout Frankenstein when Shelly emphasises to the reader, the sweeping landscapes that are stark, barren and majestic, nature therefore is used as a literary device to simulate the readers sense of emotions, an example of this is when Victor walks through the Alps to relieve himself from pain to all the tragedies that had befallen on him, it is also the place where the creature meets its creator. In this way the sublime can be enacted as the full range of emotions, this evident when Victor states “O what a strange nature is knowledge”. Shelly emphasises the context here by commenting on the romanticism belief of beauty and sublime in nature. In Blade Runner the idea that is evident throughout the text is that humanity has abused the natural world and how its absence affects people and how they live, this is illustrated through the advertisement show, which read “ a new life awaits you in the off world where there is new climates”. In the Los Angeles 2019 there is overcrowding, decay, pollution and nothing natural exists, with nothing natural people appear isolated and focused on themselves. Scott emphasises the increase in technology surrounding the contextual era through his film by showing that technology is closer to nature but this world has not yet found any equilibrium. Both text echo the same warning against people going too far in search of knowledge or invention that may result in nature destroyed as shown in blade runner or nature turning on you as shown in Frankenstein through the creation of the...
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