Blackstone Museum Presents Early Chinese and Japanese Civilizations Exhibit.

Topics: Hōryū-ji, Tori Busshi, Song Dynasty Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: January 20, 2012
Week 5 Day 7 Assignment
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Advertisement for the exhibition
July 30, 2011

Blackstone Museum presents early Chinese and Japanese civilizations Exhibit Tickets are limited and the exhibition will be gone soon so take advantage of this special offer today! About the Exhibition

The social role of the arts in early Chinese and Japanese civilizations played significant roles in both early cultures in languages, religion and art. Chinese and Japanese cultures are fundamentally different in languages, and the grammar. China is one of the oldest civilizations having many dynasties. Artifacts of the early Chinese dynasties were found dating to the 1600 B.C. In religion in the time of death Chinese people put sculptures in the graves. The Japanese put the sculptures on top of the graves. It is not known what the sculptures were meant to be used for, perhaps as the guardians, or to assist the deceased in the afterlife. The Blackstone museum exhibition will bring to life the ways of the early Chinese and Japanese cultures in a way that will enlighten and educate both adults and children. For a limited time, you can view 100 pieces in the exhibit. Amongst these treasures are Zhu Jan, an ink on silk portrait that depicts Seeking the Tao in the Autumn Mountains. The wall hanging is from the Northern Song dynasty, as well as Chinese writings, architectural replicas, and vases. Seeking the Tao in the Autumn Mountains Tori Busshi

(The Art Institute of Chicago, 2001) (Calstatela.Edu. 2003) The Early Japanese collection contains Tori Busshi a Bronze statue of the Buddha flanked by attendants. References Calstatela Edu.. (2003). Japanese1 - Tori Busshi. The Shaka Triad. Horyuji kondo. Asuka period. 623. Retrieved from The...

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