Blacks Treated as Lower Class Citizens

Topics: Black people, White people / Pages: 5 (1086 words) / Published: Oct 9th, 1999
Blacks Treated as Lower Class Citizens

The black community in the United States of America has always been the target of prejudice from the whites. The Constitution of America states all men should have equal rights, but instead of following the constitution whites have treated the blacks as lower- class citizen. An example that the black community has been treated as a lower class citizen they were being persecuted for trying to get an education. The next example that the black community was being treated as lower class citizens is shown when the blacks could not receive a fair trial in the courts. The final example that the blacks have not been treated as equals was when they could not get a decent job. The black community has always been treated as a lower- class citizen not only in the past, but also in today's society. The first example that the black community has been treated as a lower- class citizen was when they couldn't get a good education. "Besides, those doors are always open to them…But most are deprived of education…This gets easier and easier until she comes up with still another child to abort or support, But none of this is 'Negro-ness'" (Griffin 92). This quote shows that the blacks were deprived of an education, and a good education is usually a symbol of middle- or higher- class citizen. "They are so close to their ancestors learned to read and write at the risk of severe punishment, that learning is almost a sacred privilege (Griffin 125)." This quote shows how the whites had deprived them of an education for many centuries. The quote also shows how an education is a privilege for a lower class citizen and is taken for granted for middle- and higher- class citizens. In today's society blacks are still being persecuted in schools. An example in today's society that blacks are still being discriminated against is in Corvallis, Oregon. At Oregon State University the white students and faculty are constantly harassing

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