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Review of Executive Summary2

1 Problem Statement

2 Solution

2 Funding Requirements

4 Competition



Marketing Background

Marketing Objectives4

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Mix

13 Product

Marketing Mix5

17 Price

Marketing Mix6

a. Place

18 Promotion

Promotional Strategy7

1. Profit & Loss Statement8

Team Organization9

Dept Description10

22 General Manager

23 Marketing

Dept Description11

26 Admin

27 Production

28 Accounts

Annex 1


Problem Statement

Everyone knows that currently all educational institutes and some business organizations use the whiteboard to pass information, messages and even knowledge to a large group of people at one time. Using the whiteboard to pass all the things listed above is convenient and fast, but the problem lies with cleaning off the written information on the board. Using the dusters that are available to us today do help to clean the whiteboard, but it requires much energy from an individual to make sure the stains are clearly cleaned and it even dirty the user’s hand at times without his or her knowledge. When one dirties his or her hands without their knowledge, they can actually dirty or stain their face when they wipe their face and even on their clothes especially on white color materials. This leads to an individual looking dirty, unpresentable and even expose him to germs and bacteria.


Our project proposes to help solve all the problems listed under Problem Statement. We have come up with equipment that is semi automatic and it cleans the whiteboard with just a touch of a button. It is made of plastic, which is cheaper than metal and also plastic would not rust. Our equipment will move from one end to the other of the whiteboard to clean the stains away. Our equipment is run by the use of electricity, so no batteries are needed. The prototype is half way done and once it has been tested and when it proves to be successful, our top priority will be to market it to the educational institutes in Singapore using the B2B or business-to-business model. If the product sells well locally, we will gradually introduce our equipment to overseas schools and even help schools located in third world countries with free installation of our equipment so as to enable they will have a cleaner environment to study in.

Funding Requirements

The funding for the completion of the project or our equipment which we had named as the “V1-Whiteboard Cleaner” costs $65.


Our project team had done a market research, and came across only 1 whiteboard manufacturer available in the market for the educational sector:


The company supplying whiteboard and stationeries is a company incorporated during 1983 as a specialist in computer ribbons. Through the years, it also went on to include other supplies, such as stationery and consumables like ink and toner cartridges, coated/glossy/photo/canvas paper and transparencies both for inkjet and LaserJet printers, media, diskettes, thermal fax rolls, copier paper, peripherals and accessories.

Our project team deems that the above manufacturing company is unable to provide ways to clean the whiteboard automatically compared to using our product. Their company offers no similar products alike ours in the market. Hence, we took the opportunity of coming up with a new product of cleaning the whiteboard using electronic means that is applicable to the educational industry and the corporate industry and address all the problems mentioned.


✓ We plan to hold talks in schools explaining on the features and the advantages of our product to the whole school. ✓ As this is regarded as a new product we will have no problem moving into the market and earn our maximum profits....
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