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Topics: Smartphone, BlackBerry, Mobile phone Pages: 4 (1005 words) Published: September 23, 2013

Rim Research Part Two
Alassane Tall, James Rudolph Michael, Nakib Chowdhury,
Terry Knight, and Varsha Vasconcelos
August 23rd, 2013
Kenneth Le Cour

Team A provides a research plan for BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) to determine the cause for decline in revenue. Reevaluation of the research questions are addressed, resulting in increased opportunity for concise and earnest data responses from respondents relating to BBRY’s products. The population and samples for the research are identified, describing the type of respondents who will be selected and how he or she will be accessed. The data collection process is presented, in addition to a depiction of the survey format and basic content to be assembled. The distribution of the survey is identified as well as the collection process. Each aforementioned item will contribute to the compilation of a survey to obtain data for insight regarding the decline in revenue, providing data for potential redirection in BBRY’s strategic planning. Revised Research Questions

Based on feedback and updates from previous week, the research questions will need to be geared towards customer usage and decision making when in the market looking for new phone. Research questions will then further identify the issues RIM is facing and is challenged within its own market/industry. It will further highlight the current situation and provide an overview to the future sales & usage implications. Consumer trends of swapping from Blackberry to other smart phones? Based on above research question, RIM product team would be able to compare Blackberry users and tablets. The team will further be able to drill down into why customers would rather use or choose other smartphones vs. blackberry. Is the major player the features of the blackberry or user friendly devices? Furthermore, based on 2nd set of revised research question, product marketing team will be able to analyze the units sold in and...

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