Blackberry Picking

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"Blackberry Picking" Timed Writing
In "Blackberry Picking" by Seamus Heaney, he describes how he would pick all of the blackberries in the summer. They would pick all of the blackberries and keep them for themselves, and soon they would turn bad and grow mold. Heaney conveys this simple act in a very hauntingly beautiful yetand bittersweet, but also delves way while delving into a deeper understanding and connection to the bigger picture of life. Heaney tries to convey the fact that the berries went bad because the pickers were too greedy and selfish in their picking and hoarding. This can be connected to life, and give us the life lesson that greed is not a good trait to have, and it always comes with karma. He portrays this Tthrough his very dark diction, he which creates a foreboding tone, and by his specific figurative language and descriptions that create a certain image in the reader''s head as to exemplify his point.

The diction, from the beginning of the poem, is very important in creating the necessary tone to aid in gettingportray his purpose across. The words are very dark and extreme diction, while the contrasts the innocent subject matter is very innocent, picking blackberries. In the beginning, he describes the berries as having "summers it" that "[leave]stains upon the tongue an d a lust for picking" (Heaney, lines 6-8). By using words such as "blood, "stains", and "lust", the poem's subject matter is headed seen in a much more harshintense and mysterious tone, somehow foreboding, whereas it could be very happy and whimsical, what one usually feels while on a normal berry-picking trip. But t. This tone created forcesmakes the reader to s feel the weight behind the poems simple plot. The reader can realize that this berry-picking trip symbolizes something dark about the worldmeaning. The specific word, "lust", also has a sinfulbad connotation., andBy using it to explain the pickers' feelings, it subtly hints at the symbolic...
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