Black People and Nelson Mandela

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Table of Contents
1.1Overview of “Invictus”:4
1.2The summary:4
2.4Keeping the Faith and Forgiveness:9
5.1The speech of Nelson Mandela14
5.2Invictus – the poem:17


1 Overview of “Invictus”:

“Invictus” is a movie based on historical facts that happened in South Africa during 1990s under the reign of the first ever- elected Colored skin President, Nelson Mandela. The plot of movie was actually conducted by the story of the book “Playing the enemy: Nelson Mandela and the game that changed a nation” written by John Carlin. It mentioned about the period of time which happened before and during the 1995: Rugby World Cup in South Africa where racism had been the most controversial topic for many years. “Invictus” was directed by Clint Eastwood, and the two of the well-known actors, Morgan Freeman (Nelson Mandela) and Matt Damon (Francois Pienaar, the captain of the South African’s rugby team - Springboks), have done outstanding roles of those two characters’ characteristics and attitudes. The true story in the movie could be seen as a historic moment of the unification of two different skin color people in South Africa.

2 The summary:

The very first scene of “Invictus” started when Nelson Mandela was released from prison on 11 February 1990 after nearly 27 years of being arrested. Then in the middle of 1994, he was elected to be the first President has Black skin color of South Africa. Being the President was quite a challenging position for him to take the charge of when the country was facing crime, unemployment, and especially the discrimination among Blacks and Whites. Moreover, Rugby – the sport - plays an important role in the storyline of the film, at that time, the national team Springboks as well as the Rugby was supported mostly by the Whites, while the Blacks were giving their supports for the other teams. Apart from that, South Africa would host the Rugby World Cup in 1995; it could be a great challenge for Mr Mandela to get the whole nation to support the Springboks. After all he decided to go to the National Sport Committee which was managed by the Blacks and tried to convince them while they all turn their backs on the Springboks. As time went by, things also changed. The support of the Blacks for the Springboks had been growing, and brought them from this victory to other victories. Before the Olympic match, the team had a trip to visit Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was jailed from which they could get the strong motivation. In the final match, with the support of the whole nation, Pienaar and his Springbok team had won over the New Zealand team, who was the most invincible at that time, and became the champion.

During 2 hours and 15 minutes, “Invictus” itself brings to us various values impact upon the lifestyles of people around the world which will be listed below.


1 Racism:

“Invictus” shows the conflict between the Blacks and the Whites in South Africa which was torn apart between races. At the beginning of the film, Blacks and Whites people playing rugby at the two ends of yard. The Whites were given a proper field and a coach with clean uniforms while the black kids were playing on a deserted field. However, when the movie end at the very last scene, they show that equal opportunities were given to the blacks to practice rugby.

Another example of racism is also at the first part of “Invictus” Nelson Mandela had all black bodyguards, when white cops were appointed to join the team, the black guards were unhappy about it. But Mr President cooled their heads down by saying this: “When people see me in public, they see my...
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