Black Men and Public Space

Topics: Black people, Race, White people Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: November 8, 2008
Black men and public space

What Mr. Staples and now President elect Barack Obama experience in the past may not be entirely based on racism. This is not to say that racism and discrimination don’t exist. I believe that racism and discrimination are in some instances, exaggerated and misunderstood. People are at times not being racist. For example, a white person may disrespectfully speak or react towards a black person or any other minority group with no intent of racism. That very white person could probably speak and react to his own kind in the same manner. He or she just don’t have good manners or must have a bad day. People like and prefer to gossip about negative things than the positives. For instance, there are lots of interracial marriages nowadays compared to previous years. Some people just don’t want to see any kind of racial unity and therefore don’t promote it in any way.Mr. Staples stated that his first victim was a woman “white, well dress, probably in her early twenties” He came across her in a “deserted street” in Chicago’s impoverished neighborhood. Lots of crimes are known to occur in those territories, either on blacks or whites or simply any race. I don’t see anything wrong with being careful and conscious of ones surroundings. The white woman fleeting away upon seeing Mr. Staples don’t automatically mean she’s a racist. Her escape is not racially motivated. She could have probably fleet away upon seeing a white man in his early twenties, in a territory known to be dangerous, walking with his hands shove in his “bulky military jacket”. Any body in that situation would perhaps be terrified and react differently. We live in a dangerous world.It isn’t appropriate to avoid people in such humiliating and shameful ways as fleeting or crossing to the other side of the walk pathway. My point is that it isn’t always racism but sometimes done out of fear. People like to follow their instincts.“The crime rate in the black community...
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