Black Leadership

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, African American Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: March 14, 2013

"Black Leadership Is Dead" is an article written by Kevin Powell discussing his opinions on the black leadership in America today. He discusses the current and past lack of leadership dating back to the end of the Civil Rights Movement. I completely agree with Powell's argument against black America's claim that President Barack Obama should be the spokesperson and leader of African Americans. The need for black leadership is clearly evident today in America. However, I believe President Obama is not the right man for the job.

African Americans are in desperate need of a spokesperson and leader, and there have been some single-handed attempts from individuals to be leaders of Black America following the Civil Rights Movement in the 1970s. Examples include "Rev. Jesse Jackson and Minister Louis Farrakhan in the 1980s..." (Powell 85). Black unemployment rates, black incarceration rates, and the inevitable truth that racism is not dead in the United States are evidence to support this need (Powell 86). But who should take charge and step up to address the issues? Not Barack Obama.

As Powell states, President Obama is the leader of America, period. His job and duties are to serve everybody in America. He cannot and should not be the spokesperson for black America. This would most certainly hurt his reputation, and ultimately affect his ability to serve everybody in America. As a Caucasian male, I feel that people of any race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. should have equal rights and opportunities. I feel that lobbying for a particular race could influence, and potentially bias the policies and decisions that he makes. So this begs the same question, Who should take charge and step up?

Instead of the leader of our country trying to reach out to a fraction of the country, I believe America's people have to unite. Information needs to become available to educate the uninformed about the black America. Instead of "heaving hate at Barack...
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