Black Leaders or Leading Blacks

Topics: Malcolm X, Black supremacy, Black nationalism Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: July 12, 2012
“Black Leaders or Leading Blacks”

Michael Eric Dyson is an African American Georgetown University sociology professor and somebody has “bamboozled” – oops – I mean “convinced” Dr. Dyson that he has “juice” – clout – connections – influence that he doesn’t have. The American media reported that Michael Eric Dyson chided African American clergy members who refused to go for the okie-doke and back President Obama’s play when he [the president] came out in favor of same-gender marriage. Dyson, who is a decent writer and an above-average thinker, did his best “Stephen A. Smith” – loud, comical, and angry – imitation when he said that Black preachers who don’t agree with the President are “homophobic.” [see]

Of course, Dyson’s logic is seriously flawed and his choice of words indicates that he [Dyson] is thoroughly confused and has misinterpreted his significance in the larger scheme of things. First of all, for those LGBT agenda advocates or even those who have “come out” as members of the LGBT community – who, by the way, claim to be enlightened, smart, and/or intelligent – for them to use the labels “homophobic” and “intolerant” to restrict the free speech of those of us who aren’t buying their argument that we should accept their positions without asking one single question…is problematic…at best.

No! No! And, again, I say “No!” It is not homophobic to oppose same-gender marriage or civil unions. Of course, there are many appropriate uses of the words “racist” and “homophobic” – but to suggest, intimate, or argue that opposing gay marriage is homophobic is idiotic – and a cloaked attempt to prevent, stifle, or shut off intelligent, open dialogue on the issue. That’s why, contrary to media hype that says otherwise, there is no real “gay rights” debate going on in America.

Back to Dr. Dyson. Dyson called the Black Church on the carpet and literally believes that his...
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