Black Jacket Narrative

Topics: High school, Family, Writing, Mother, Essay, Father / Pages: 2 (356 words) / Published: Sep 27th, 2017
I threw my books on my bed and approached the jacket fast as if it was a stranger who’s hand I couldn’t wait to shake. As I looked at a jacket a smooth leather black jacket and looked in awe.
I yelled at my mom, ”Is this my jacket?”
She replied with, ”Yes it is.”
I ran circles my mom is the best she got me the jacket that I wanted. Yours truly ran into the bathroom and looked at myself, ”Man I look good” I said as slicked my hair back and looked like James Bond.
I then thought I shouldn’t bring my new jacket outside so I hung it up and went down stairs.
My feet as fast as Usain Bolt went flying down stairs, I hugged my mom and kiss her saying thank you so much grabbed an orange and ran outside. My dog Brownie was sitting there looking

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