Black Holes and Their Mysteries

Topics: Black hole, Schwarzschild radius, Galaxy Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: February 8, 2014

Black Holes and Their Mysteries

Black holes are one of the most popular Hollywood science fiction topics also one of the most mysterious entities in space. Astronomers still have many questions regarding the darkest entity in space, black holes, but over time they began to analyze more and more clues and data, and are now able to explain what a black hole really is. Astronomers have come up with theories of the formations of black holes, the component of black holes as well as many other new discovered facts.

What is a black hole? There are many theories to this question. Some people believe it is a tunnel for time travelling, others believe it is a portal for teleportation. At this moment there are no scientific proofs to support these believes. There are still countless unanswered questions, questions like what is on the other end of the black hole. Why they exist? Can astronomers fully understand them? These questions may never be answered but here is what astronomers believe. Scientifically speaking a black hole is an area of space that have abnormally large amount of gravity, so much gravity that not even light can escape. 1

There is no certain explanation of the formation of black holes. However astronomers currently have very solid theories of how they are formed. One of which is the theory that is stated by Stephen Hawking claiming that “trillions of black holes were produced in the Big Bang, with some still existing today.”2

The main theory for larger black holes, the stellar black holes is that they are formed as results of super nova explosions. There are two types of super nova explosions. The first type is when a giant star, of or over, nine solar masses “run out of hydrogen and helium fuel at its core,”3 but still have enough mass and pressure and produces carbon. Once the star’s core reaches a certain mass it will overwhelm it self and implode. The second type of supernova is formed when a white dwarf star accumulates...
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