Black History Question

Topics: African American, Black people, African diaspora, American Civil War / Pages: 5 (1214 words) / Published: Jan 17th, 2014
Who developed mathematical formulas that could calculate celestial and weather patterns? 2. Who founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church?
3. What famous jazz musician is famous for puffing up his cheeks?
4. Who was the first Black woman to drive a U S Postal stagecoach?
@5. Name the first Black to win an elected office in the U. S.
6. Booker T. Washington had dinner with what American president?
7. Who were the Kansas City Monarchs?
8. What is Hoppin ' John?
9. What actor & rapper starred in the movie Men In Black?
10. Representative Maxine Waters represents what state?
The Black Heritage Trivia Game Section 4 Page 2
Section 4 Page 2
11. What month is Black History celebrated?
12. "Thrilla in Manila" refers to what sporting event?
13. Name the "Father of Ragtime."
14. Lew Alcindor, the basketball star, is better known by what name?
@15. Who was the first Black undergraduate at the University of Mississippi?
@16. Who wrote the book Before the Mayflower?
@17. Who was the first African American appointed to a Presidential cabinet?
18. Name the player from the Negro baseball league who was known as the “Black BabeRuth.”
19. What does the initial "T" in Booker T. Washington stand for?
@20. Name the 1950’s jazz club that was named after Charlie Parker.
21. What is Spike Lee 's first name?
The Black Heritage Trivia Game Section 4 Page 3
Section 4 Page 3
22. Who was Oscar Micheaux?
23. What invention did African American Frederick Jones work on that still helps modern day food preservation?
@24. Name the year that the Supreme Court struck down a Virginia law prohibiting marriage between Blacks and Whites.
25. Who was the first Black Miss America?
26. Name the sculptor who designed the Franklin D. Roosevelt dime.
27. Coleman Hawkins played what musical instrument?
@28. Name the first African American officer transferred to the regular Navy.
29. How many gold medals did Wilma Rudolph win at the 1960 Olympic games?
30. Name the seven

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