Black History

Topics: African American, Black people, Black History Month Pages: 3 (490 words) Published: April 24, 2015

Argumentation and Revision
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ENG101 Module 3-SLP 3
Dr. Stephens

Should it be Black History Month or African-American History Month, or not a month at all? After all we are talking about history, so why one race should be brought to life in one particular month is ridiculous. It should be memorialized and spoke about along with all American history throughout the year. Because the history books of early years largely ignored the contributions people of color made to U.S. Society, “Negro History Week” was created in 1926. This is understandable in those times, especially moving forward to the civil rights area. It was in these times that blacks/African-Americans struggled for equality. Giving the growing awareness of black identity in 1976 President Ford officially recognized February as Black History Month. The United States has endeavored to fight racism over decades, but its effects are still felt within American society. Although the US is referred to as the land of the free the differences in skin color and culture have become an obstacle in uniting Americans under one umbrella of humanity, where the worthiness of a man is determined by neither his skin color nor culture, but his values. In the 21st century, many Americans question the need for Black History Month. I question the need for Black History Month. Is February about Black History or the civil rights movement? I say people nowadays use the premise of black history to remember the struggles of the civil rights movement. Not the accomplishments black scientists, doctors, and explorers. They forget that it started as “Negro History Week” only to see that one day Black history would be injected into school and books as a part of Americas History. With people like Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson pushing for civil rights and equality, we and blacks alike miss the true history of the black race. Let’s not forget the news station that pick...
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