black forest German I project

Topics: Restaurant, Germany, Forest Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: December 14, 2013
Black forest hike
By Kitty Burke
Reson for name: The black forest used to be a thick forest of conifers blocking out the light. Aproximate size: 5,000 sq miles
Changes in black forest: The black forest has changed due to logging and increased demand for lumber. Products associated with the Black Forest: Cucko clocks are a product of the black forest trees. Cucko clacks are made with the black forest trees. 3 facts about markets: Markets are avalible in towns once a week. You can buy fresh products at reasonable pricing. It is easier for the farmers and growers to go and sell in markets so they don't have to buy store front. 3 important considerations for hiking in Germany: First time round is better to hike with a guide. Where good hiking shoes or boots. Steep and bumpy trails are the hiking in Germany. 3 facts about German eating establishments: Geustheuses are Inn type reastraunts offer the best specialties in the region. Geustheuse are often kept in the family for many generations. Many langer Geustheuse are homes to the family owning the Geustheuse. 3 important tips for eating in a German restaurant: The menus are outside the window so you can already know what to order and how much to pay. You can go into reastrounts in Germany and pick your own table and only rarely are there hosts or hostests that will seat you. Germans take their time eating at restaurants.

The black forest is in germany and is aproximatly 5,000 sq miles. The name Black forest is from the forest being so thick that it was dark. It often was home to smugglers and other criminal type people. The forest used to be thick with conifers and the trees would block the light from coming in the forest. Due to loging and the increased demand for lumber, the black forest has gotten less dense and thick. Products that come from the Black forest are things like cucko clocks which are very famouse in Germany. When hiking, we came across our first town with a market. Markets are avalible in...
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