Black Christmas

Topics: Christmas, Mother, Father Pages: 1 (458 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Huong Ly Nguyen
It was a cold December day in Vietnam. Since Christmas was only two days away, the house was tastefully decorated. In the living room, a tall Christmas tree is adorned with the shiny balls, and the fabulous star on the top, nearly touching the ceiling. Warm light wandered across the walls, made the house shined as a thousand stars. My mother and me - Linda had just finished a pleasant dinner together. My father, David was not at home yet. As a responsible police man, he only comes back home after midnight. I was a little bit disappointed, because this was my first time having dinner with my family, after 2 years of studying abroad. I tried to wait, but as a result of a 12-hours flight, I could not make it. Before falling asleep on the couch, I thought about all the precious moments I had spent with my beloved dad. I was closer to my dad than my mother, but loved them equally. The following morning, Christmas Eve, I woke up to the sound of voices. I quickly and quietly ran out the room, to find out what was happening. When I reached the main door, I saw two men conversing with my mom. They were my father’s fellowship. I turned to my mom to get a sense of what was happening. However, Linda told me to go back to my room, and that she would talk to me shortly. When my mother walked into my bedroom, tears freely streaming down her cheeks. She immediately sat down and gave me a comforting hug, and a gentle kiss. She said, “Your father was coming home from work when a car lost control on the snow covered winding roadway and hit his car”. “He has passed.” Her eyes were full of sadness while saying this. Quietly, I put her arms around Linda, and started crying. “I always wanted a diary!” – with moist eyes, I opened the present, which had been prepared by David before the accident. Linda went over with her meek smile and said, “David knew you always wanted one.” That night, I started to write, “Dear dad, I am writing to you through my new diary, I...
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