Black Beard vs Al Capone

Topics: Blackbeard, Al Capone, Alexander Spotswood Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Criminal Styles of Al Capone and Black Beard
People argue whether the greatest villains of all time were Alphonse Capone or aka Scarface, a famous mob boss of Chicago or Black Beard, a famous pirate of the Caribbean Sea. They each had different and similar criminal styles; whether it be pillaging a ship or robbing a bank. Crimes can be committed in many ways. Scarface and Black Beard have a similar criminal style, murder and robbery. Robbery is “the felonious taking of the property of another from his or her person or in his or her immediate presence, against his or her will, by violence or intimidation.” ¹ While some people say pillaging and robbery is completely different, this is not exactly true. The definition of pillage is “to strip ruthlessly of money or goods by open violence, as in war; plunder.” ¹ Robbery and Pillage have the same similarities such as forcefully taking possession from another by violence or intimidation. Crimes in the 1700’s and 1900’s were what they are currently. During the 1700’s there were assaults, robberies, piracy or thefts and human trafficking. “Crime was increasing with the advancing economy. In London there were habitual offenders and gangs of delinquent youths prostitution was rampant.” ² Centuries later during the early 1900’s, gangs have risen dramatically and some new crimes have emerged. Such as drug wars, auto theft

and a rise in murder rates, while some of the crimes stayed from the 1700’s, such as prostitution, robbery and murder. While the crime was similar, Black Beard and Scarface were not. Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899; Brooklyn, N.Y. “Capone's parents immigrated to the United States from Naples, Italy in 1893. Al, the fourth of nine children, quit school in Brooklyn after the sixth grade and joined Johnny Torrio's James Street Boys gang, rising eventually to the Five Points Gang.” ³ Which the gang, the Crips, later adapted as their symbol. His nickname came shortly after...
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