Black Balloon

Topics: Change, Turn, The Black Balloon Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Through my study of The Turning by Tim Winton as well as The Black Balloon by Elissa Down. I have learnt that change is completely relentless and that even the slightest or most significant change can turn our world upside down. In The Turning, the concept of change is evident both within each stories landscape and its characters. We see the impact of change and its recognition through characters such Vic Lang through the story “long clear view” and both Bob Lang and Vic Lang in “Commission”. The notion of change is also evident in the character of Thomas from the film The Black Balloon.

The Turning is a text in which explores and reflects a variety of aspects of change and how the change is acknowledged. This change is highlighted through the many stories and within its characters. Some of the aspects include varieties such as change in the nature of characters, the scenes of stories, the change that is occurring and the ways in which the change is handled. As an overall text the turning conveys significant amounts of change and the ways it impacts everyday life in modern society. •Fathers transfer, new school is a huge change for Vic at his age as most people at school are settled in their own friendship groups. “’your not a baby, if you don’t make a go of it then things will be worse for everybody. So you shutup and stop bawling’’ shows the change in Vic’s change in attitude and his realisation that it’s time for him to grow up. •Change at home, his father has gone so Vic has to grow up very fast and support his mother, •The effect is shown through the tasks that Vic completes such as house chores and even the way that he uses a weapon as reassurance for when he is home alone. It shows the link of how change can turn our world completely upside down. Understanding Change within the nature of a character in ‘’commission’’ is a key outline in Tim Winton, the turning. This is outlined through the character of Bob Lang and the ways that he changes to sober...
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