Black and Decker Case Study

Topics: Black & Decker, Marketing, Brand Pages: 10 (1622 words) Published: February 9, 2011

1 Company Name: Black and Decker

2 Team members and their respective functions

1 Sal Salvino – Management

2 Carl Ruffier – Management

3 Kevin Stephen – Marketing

4 Dan Howells – Marketing

5 Ryan Alexander – Marketing

6 Candis Robison – Economics

3 View our group is taking according to business function

1 Entrepreneurial

a. Analyzing “the heart” of the actual operation b. Decision Making analysis
c. Analyzing Black and Decker’s SWOT
d. Identifying strategies in order to obtain measurable objectives e. E-Commerce considerations
f. Recommending a future strategy and it’s implementation considerations

Overview of Black and Decker

1 Global manufacturer and marketer of quality products

1 Power tools

2 Hardware products

3 Home improvement products

4 Technology-based fastening systems

2 Products and services marketed in more than 100 countries

3 Manufacturing operations in 11 countries

4 Company has established a reputation for:

1 Product innovation

2 Quality

3 End user focus

4 Design and value

5 History of Black and Decker

1 1910 – Incorporated by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker

2 1916 – Company introduced its first power tool

3 1919 – Company expanded internationally

4 1984 – Black and Decker acquired General Electric’s house wares business for $300 million

5 1985 – Company changed it’s name from Black and Decker Manufacturing Company to Black and Decker Corporation

a. Wanted to reflect it’s new emphasis on being more “marketing driven”

6 1985 – CEO Nolan D. Archibald hired

a. Corporate headhunters rated him as a:
i. Good strategic thinker
ii. Personable
iii. Versatile
iv. Sensitive to people
b. Within 3 months of taking over he implemented a “reconstructing plan” i. Closed older inefficient plants ii. Boosted factory utilization rates by consolidating production iii. Emphasized quality control measures

7 1986 – Black and Decker was listed among Fortune Magazine’s “10 Most Wanted Executives”

a. Named one of the 6 best managers by Business Week

8 1988 – Boosted Black and Decker’s profits to $97.1 million

a. Up impressively from the loss of ($158.4) million posted in 1985

9 1984 – 1989 Track record

a. 7 plants closed
b. Approximately 3,000 employees were let go c. Archibald put additional resources into: i. New product development
ii. Redesign of company’s power tools iii. Small appliance lines
iv. Creating panels of dealers to suggest new products and features that consumers desired

10 1990 – Black and Decker’s household products business had established as:

a. Worldwide leader in products used for:
i. Home cleaning
ii. Garment care
iii. Cooking, food and beverage preparation

11 1995 – 1997 Track record

a. Company launched a designer line
i. Small kitchen appliances
ii. Kitchen Tools
b. Company had completely overhauled it’s supply chain management i. Reduced it’s finished goods inventory ii. Improved customer service and production planning

12 1998 – Global Track Record

a. Black and Decker’s True Temper sports business unit was the leading global designer, manufacturer, and marketer of...
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