Topics: Want, Need, Bless you Pages: 4 (1060 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Today I interviewed Nadia Abdallah-Morrar because she is a wonderful mother , Director of the School, Works in charity works And here are some of her answers for my questions :

How do you manage your time with your responsibilities as a mother for 3 kids and as a patroness? When the person has the ambition, he will seek, be patient and after that everything will be so easy, because this is life. If you work hard you are going to get what you want and what you dream of, otherwise you won't.

How did you start doing voluntary works?
When I went to take my grandmother in the rood I saw some children with shabby cloths and with no boots I start to think how I could help them and how I could change something in the world then I started with the idea of helping poor people by collecting some money , cloths , foods, etc and be responsible for them.

No ,she is taking care of poor people by herself because she dedicated all of her donations just for poor Arabs around her because she wants to start changing the word around her then she can help others and participate in charities.

Explain your feeling after helping poor people and giving them what they need? I feel extremely proud and I've made a great achievement because I give people what they need and that’s what makes me happy and give me that strength that I want to live more and give more.

Do you encourage your sons to join voluntary work as well? and why? Yes, I do I took them with me and also I gave them some toys to give to the poor people and after they get out they describe to me what they saw and then they thank god for all of what they have so they can have the experience since they were children.

How do you find poor people's reaction? did it happen to be negative and how did you react towards it? Usually it's not but sometimes some young people feel like there is a gap because they can't give their family what it needs if the father is dead because of our culture and our community...
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