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Project Manager: an experienced professional who accepts responsibility for planning, monitoring, and controlling projects with respect to schedule, budget, deliverables, customer satisfaction, technical standards, and system quality.

Please explain what the consequences are if an information system lacks a system owner ?

In order to implement information systems successfully in an organization, having support and advocate from the management is essential. Management has lots of power to affect decisions and issues facing an organization. Because of that, no matter how beneficial your system may be for an organization, without the support from management, your information system will not be able to be implemented in an organization.

What are the difference between internal users and external users ? give examples

Internal users : are the employees of the organization for which the information system are has been built. Examples include: clerical and service workers, technical and professional staff, supervisors, middle managers, and executive managers.

External users : can be understood as remote user or mobile user because they are not physically located on premises or their location is constantly changing, but still requires access to information systems. Some examples of external system users are customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

What are the differences between the role of system analysts and the role of the rest of the stakeholders ?

System owners, users, designers, and builders have their own specialties and have very different perspectives on the information system to be built. Thus, there are always gaps between these people.

On the other hand, system analysts are very different. Their roles overlap the roles of all the other stakeholders. Their job is to close the gaps between the different stakeholders. Therefore, their job is more inclusive.

What kind of knowledge and skills should a system analyst...
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