Bk3 Ch22 Sug Ans E

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 Chapter 22Respiration
Multiple-choice questions (p. 22-29)

Short questions (p. 22-31)
bFalse; some energy is released as heat and some is stored in ATP.1m
dFalse; glucose is only partly broken down to lactic acid or ethanol.1m
eFalse; ATP temporarily stores energy in the form of chemical energy.1m

bAny two from:1m x 2
ATP can be used in many different cellular activities.
ATP can be readily broken down into ADP to supply stored energy to the cells. Large amount of energy released from respiration of glucose can be packaged into smaller amount in each ATP molecule. cAfter glycolysis, pyruvate is reduced to ethanol. NAD is regenerated by oxidation of NADH.1m

15a1 and 31m
bSome energy is lost as heat.1m
ciBetween glucose and triose phosphate1m
iiBetween triose phosphate and pyruvate1m

16aiX — carbon dioxide1m
iiA — glycolysis
B — Krebs cycle1m
bHydrogen is accepted by NAD / FAD to form NADH / FADH.1m
Hydrogen passes through a series of carriers in the inner membrane of mitochondria 1m
and is finally accepted by oxygen to form water.1m
Energy is released for synthesis of ATP.1m
cATP is broken down into ADP and phosphate group to release energy.1m

17aX — pyruvate1m
bKrebs cycle1m
cATP is formed as hydrogen passes along a series of hydrogen carriers.1m
Oxygen accepts hydrogen from a series of hydrogen carriers.1m
Hydrogen cannot pass along if there is no oxygen to accept it.1m

Structured questions (p. 22-32)
18aX — mitochondrial matrix
Y — inner membrane1m
bCoenzyme A /...
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