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1. By mid-2009, Burger King was not in any of the following five countries: France, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa. Compare these countries as possible future locations for Burger King.

These countries all have large populations but are not in close proximity to the BK headquarters in Miami. How well do these five countries identify with the Burger King brand? It is hard entering foreign markets where consumers are loyal to previously established brands. Is there even enough beef to go around? Burger King will have their work set out for them to be successful in these markets and many not have franchising opportunities to rely on.

France: the concern with France is how much of the population actually consumes beef.

India: Burger King may have recently ruined their chances for sending their business to India. There are no beef in the McDonalds located in India. Hindu does not eat beef and that is approximately 80% of the population. Burger King thought it was a good idea to place an ad of Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of wealth, about to eat one of the beef burgers, which are forbidden under Hindu religion. Why? Other than that bad business move Burger King is faced with re-inventing their menu.  

Nigeria- Restaurants like Tantilizers has had plenty of success in Nigeria and service similar food products to Burger King. Well, at least they sell hamburgers. Yet, it all depends on how well Burger King can re-invent meat pies and other popular Nigerian foods. I think Nigeria will be a much better location than that of France and India and it has less competition.

Pakistan- McDonalds seems to found success in Pakistan and serves many beef products, chicken, and fish. Burger King can have similar success from a product/menu standpoint. However, will it be enough to compete with an already established fast food base who serves similar products and have a loyal consumer base. However, the market is big enough for an additional player because...
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