Biz Ethics Case Study Home Depot

Topics: Social responsibility, Public company, Privately held company Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: December 18, 2010
HUM300 Module 5
Case Study: Home Depot Implements Stakeholder Orientation

1. On the basis of Home Depot’s response to environmental issues, describe the attributes (power, legitimacy, and urgency) of this stakeholder.  Home Depot seems to have been very responsible and responsive to the environmental issues. It initiated several practices and principles that are key to protecting the environment as a large corporation, but also in creating awareness and social responsibility. It is obvious that our environment is what sustains us as human beings, and that we are not doing enough as a society. This is a very urgent issue to attend to. I know that I personally, might choose Home Depot over other home improvement centers, armed with this knowledge of their corporate responsibility with regard to the environment. It is unfortunate that, as the study indicates, the environmental groups seek out the biggest and easiest target when looking for action in practices that are detrimental to the environment. It would seem more prudent to enlist the assistance of these large corporations to involve the UN and other international governing bodies that can help to make it illegal to employ slash and burn and other environmentally detrimental practices. Home Depot does not seem to be an enemy and would make a much better ally with their financial power, and their existing sensitivity to the environment. 2. As a publicly traded corporation, how can Home Depot justify budgeting so much money for philanthropy? What areas other than the environment, disaster relief, affordable housing, and at-risk youth might be appropriate for strategic philanthropy by Home Depot? I think that the stakeholders of this company support Home Depots’ philanthropy. It is what aids to the success of it as a publically traded company. People are more apt to stand behind a company with some sort of social responsibility and a company that participates in philanthropic efforts that...
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