Biting Hurts

Topics: Infant, Bite, Childhood Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Topic: Biting
Name of Article: Biting Hurts!
Oesterreich,L. (1995). Iowa Family Child Care Handbook [Pm 1541] (pp. 239-242). Author of Article: Lesia Oesterreich, M.S. Family Life Extension Specialist Human Development and Family Studies Iowa State University

This article listed several reasons why an infant or toddler bites such as exploration: infants and toddlers do not always understand the difference between gnawing on a toy and biting someone, teething: infants do not truly understand the difference between chewing on a person or a toy, cause and effect: infants and toddlers discover that when they bite someone, they get a loud scream of protest, attention: biting is a quick way to become the center of attention - even if it is negative attention, independence: biting is a powerful way to control others, imitation: sometimes children see others bite and decide to try it out themselves. Frustration: at times, when little ones can't find words to express their feelings, they resort to hitting, pushing, or biting, and stress: biting is one way to express feelings and relieve tension. The article also mentioned ways for parents or caregivers to manage or handle biting when it occurs, such as prevention and teaching new behaviors. It also mentioned documenting biting by using the Who What Where When and How Method to pinpoint the problem. When did the biting occur? Who was involved? Where did it happen? What happened before or after? How was the situation handled? Why Children Bite

EXPLORATION - Infants and toddlers learn by touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting. If you give an infant a toy, one of the first places it goes to is the mouth. Tasting or "mouthing" things is something that all children do. Children this age do not always understand the difference between gnawing on a toy and biting someone.| TEETHING - Children begin teething around the ages of 4 to 7 months. Swelling gums can be tender and can cause a great deal of discomfort. Infants...
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