Topics: United States Congress, United States, President of the United States Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Assess the effectiveness of Congress and the Supreme Court in checking the powers of the President The President of the United States of America has many powers. However, through congress and the Supreme Court the powers of the President are checked. This is to make the US a more fair and democratic country and to ensure one person does not hold all the power. This essay will access the effectiveness of Congress and the Supreme Court in checking the powers of the president.One power the President has is commander in chief. The president is commander in chief of the armed forced and is charged with the defence of the USA. The President has the power to order the use of troops overseas without actually declaring war. For example, in 2002 Bush deployed troops on Warships of the coast of Iraq. However, the declare war officially the President must get the approval of Congress. This is an example on how Congress can check and in some ways limit the power of the President. However, the way in which congress must approve the war before the US can officially declare war has mixed success. For example when Bush had troops stationed of the coast of Iraq Congress still had to approve the war but by the time the media had caught hold of Bush’s plan so the War was inevitable. The President also has the power to make treaties with other nations but the treaty must be approved by the senate before it becomes official.The president of the USA also has the power to propose legislation. In January at the start of the Congress session the president tells both houses what the main problems are and how he is planning on addressing these issues. He will tell congress what actions he and his administration are planning on taking over the next year to sort out America’s issues. However, the President cannot introduce Bills directly; a member of congress must submit the bill on behalf of the President. Congress has the power to filibuster. Filibustering, also known as talking...
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