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BIS2024 Business Information Systems


Multimedia University Faculty of Business & Law
Business Information Systems T2 2012/13 Assignment
Due date: Week 13, Monday (by 5:00 pm) Weighting: 30% Submission: Group


1. Form a group that consists of maximum FIVE (5) students ONLY from your tutorial group. Each group must submit the GROUP CONFIRMATION FORM by Week 4 to your respective tutor. 2. Submit the softcopy of all the relevant files in a labelled CD (i.e. group members’ names/leader and IDs must be written on the CD). Attach/Paste the CD to the back cover page of your documentation. 3. Submit hardcopy of the documentation together with the CD. Please ensure that title, group members’ names and IDs are written on the cover page (Use the GROUP ASSIGNMENT FORM provided) of the documentation. 4. Complete the GROUP ASSIGNMENT FORM (to be uploaded into MMLS on Week 8) and submit to the respective tutor together with your assignment in the final submission. 5. An EVALUATION FORM (refer Page 8-9) must be included with the assignment and place it after the front cover of your documentation. 6. No marks will be awarded for late work. 7. Colluded or plagiarised work shall receive no marks. All parties involved in any cheating or collusion shall receive no marks.


BIS2024 Business Information Systems


Case Study: Griffith University – Student Scholarship Management Case Scenario Early each spring, Griffith University students apply for scholarships, tuition waivers, and various other awards for the next academic year by completing general scholarship applications. Students leave the completed general scholarship applications with their college dean’s office. After the application deadline has passed, the applications are forwarded to the appropriate departments, based on student major. The departments review the general scholarship applications and make awards. While each department wants deserving students to receive the awards to which the students are entitled, the departments do not want to allocate money that cannot be used. Students are ranked into four categories based on the hours completed which are 90 hours or more (Senior), 60 to 89 hours (Junior), 30 to 59 hours (Sophomore) and below 30 hours (Freshman). Until recently, no central source could help the departments determine if a student already had most, if not all, of his college fees covered. One of the major tasks of the newly formed Griffith University Scholarship Office is to track all awards, scholarships, and tuition waivers that have been granted by using database management system. You and your team are hired to assist Griffith University’s Scholarship Director, Miss Kelly, in managing the award distributions. Miss Kelly hands you a partially completed Scholarship database (Griffith.accdb)* for your further development of the database. The current Scholarship database contains Applicant, Allocation and Award tables. After a discussion with your team members, the team decides to develop the database by completing the following tasks: IMPORTANT: In order to ease the job of identifying the queries and reports, you are to name these objects according to their task numbers given. Task 1 In order to ease the task of data entry for “City” and “State” field in tblApplicant, set the default value for each field to “Los Angeles” and “CA” respectively. Besides, to ensure that the correct format is entered for “AwardAmt” field in tblAllocation, change its data type to currency.


The file name of the database will be different as stated above. It will be named according to your tutorial section, e.g. Griffith_BM203G.accdb, Griffith_BM203F.accdb, etc.


BIS2024 Business Information Systems Task 2


The Griffith University Scholarship Office has been notified about two new awards. Enter the following information into the database:

Award Number: Use next available number Award...
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